Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha...

It looks like the tooth fairy will be making a visit to our house tonight!!

Whew - thank goodness that tooth is out.
It has been hangin' (TMI) by a thread for weeks.
We've been wanting this tooth out.
But I for sure can't pull it.
(I've got teeth/mouth issues and it literally makes me gag.)
Brady had an appointment today for sealants.
I was planning to ask the dentist to just pull it since it was hanging.
I picked Brady up for the dentist.
We stopped home so he could brush his teeth.
He brushed.
And, he brushed that tooth right out!
Hee hee!!!
Yay Brades!
p.s. it looks like Brady is making out tonight because the tooth fairy
got cash back at the grocery store...but, never stopped to get smaller bills. Oops!

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