Friday, August 12, 2011

First Day of School

Wow...the summer F-L-E-W by. Literally flew by!! The kids have been sooooo excited to start school.
New clothes - check.
New clothes washed - check.
School supplies bought - check.
Backpacks ready - check.
Haircuts completed - check.

School started for us in Gilbert on Wednesday, August 10. Wednesday began with Bryan running to grab eggs at the store so we could make pancakes for breakfast. By 7:30am, everyone (including me) had showered and were dressed. Lily wanted curly hair - so I turned on the curling iron. Brady wanted "cool hair" - so I got out the gel. By 8:10am we were ready to go and the kids even had a hot breakfast! (this is a big deal since they are normally stumbling out the door with cereal). Of course - I had to snap a few photos before we left. On Pinterest - I saw this idea to take a picture on the first day of school every year with a sign that says, "First Day of..." Well - I just happened to find a free downloadable template on HowDoesShe and I printed them off at Kinko's. I only wish I had this a few years ago when Brady started Pre-K. Oh well....first borns, we get jipped :)

After pictures, we headed over to the sitter's house so that we could drop off Charlie and walk from there to school. The sitter lives very close to the school - so we all (Bryan, Brady, Lily, and Me) walked with the sitter, her husband, and their kids to school.

When we arrived at school - I wanted one last picture of two of the Cuties before they went in. Brady was so embarrassed, but he played along. The four of us walked to find Brady's teacher's sign on the basketball court where they line up every morning. What a change from last year. He was so excited and such a "pro." He literally dropped his backpack and ran off to his friends. What? We didn't even get a picture of him in the line. We pretty much had to chase him down to say goodbye (yep, just what every kids wants - their mom and dad yelling out their name to give them a kiss). :) We then walked Lily over to the Preschool drop off area and waited. And waited. And waited. I guess the buses for some of the Preschool kids were running late. The teachers did NOT want us to walk in with the kids (boo!) and so we said our goodbyes outside the school. Lily could have cared less - she was so dang excited!

The school year has begun.

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Ashley said...

Love them!! The print outs look really cute! Love Lil's poses!