Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Bowl '11

To be quite honest...I didn't care much about the SB this year. My team wasn't in it - well, really my team was pretty much out the first week of the season. Seriously. But, I always look forward to the annual Babcock Super Bowl party.

We the Hottie made green chili stew. It was spicy. Even for me. But really, really spicy for him. He still ate it. Brady cheered for the Steelers and the Hottie cheered for the Packers. I didn't care. Lily didn't even know we went there for a football party. And, Charlotte...well, she just like playing with Talon and eating cupcakes.
 Ashley and I took a few pictures - you know...anytime we can practice photography!! Thanks Jacki and Sheldon...another great SB party!

 was a bit of a nursery at times. Old friends. New friends. And...Charlotte just got passed from person to person. She loved it!

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