Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pavilions Car Show

Long, long ago - I would hang out at the Scottsdale Pavilions. I guess Bryan and his dad would hang out there, too. But...we were doing totally different things. They were showing their car or viewing other cars on Saturday nights at the car show and I was hanging out with my friends at the movies.

Kind of funny how you are at the same place - but, you never meet until years later.

Well, Bryan and his dad still like cars. So does Brady. When Grandpa comes in town, we go to the car show. The boys love it. This visit, the weather was perfect. Us girls focused on which ones were prettiest. And...the boys picked their favorites.

This was Brady's:

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apcamby said...

Is that a pair of Binoculars Brandy has?? Can I ask what those may be being used for? Good pic of Brady and Dad...sooo cute :)