Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011

So...this has nothing to do with the Campbell's...but, I'll give you my opinion of the Oscars last night.

Yesterday in Gilbert was a chilly, cold, sometimes rainy hail day. A chili kind of day. So, that's what I made for dinner. Yum. I invited the 'rents over for chili and cornbread. The cuties ate mac and cheese...and cornbread. During dinner we watched the start of the Oscars. Once my parents left - the Hottie and I continued watching. These are our or maybe just my thoughts.

  1. The Oscars are so boring. The red carpet is better than the actual show. It's a snoozefest.
  2. We'd much rather watch the Grammy's or the MTV awards.
  3. We hate when people whip out speeches they wrote on paper (just in case) they won.
  4. We also hate when people get up there and have nothing to say.
  5. Being a host of the Oscars is a true art. Mistakes are not forgiven. You should not be too giddy. Nor should you be too boring. James and Anne...they have not mastered that art. (although I do like them in their movies!)
  6. We don't even know what half of the awards mean.
So...let's get to the best part - the dresses!! My dad is a fan of Mila Kunis and Helen Mirren. The Hottie - well, he likes Scarlett Johansson. And, as someone that is more often a style victim, here are my favorites. Take it or leave it.

Reese Witherspoon. The back of the cute! And, her hair is super cute (although I know it seems everyone hated her barbie style) and her makeup is so pretty and fresh looking.

Sandra Bullock. I love red. Enough said.

Halle Berry. I love this fitted, nude dress. If it only looked so good on all of us! I also think that she has just about the most flawless skin on the entire planet.

Gwyneth Paltrow. To me, this dress is a little edgy and a little fancy. I love it. I would have like to see a different hairstyle - but, oh well.

Jennifer Hudson. OMG! Flipping amazing. p.s. I love orange tangerine.

Michelle Williams. I love her. I don't know why. Her cute pixie cut that only the cutest of people can pull off and her vintage Chanel. Simply stunning.

Anne Hathaway. She got the pleasure of wearing a load of dresses. But....her Valentino Haute Couture, red carpet dress was my favorite. I love, love, love the floral rosette appliqué detail on the dress. I love the low, loose swept back do, too. This could be my favorite of the night. Seriously.

Mandy Moore. Her red carpet look. I don't even remember this in the Pre Oscar show. But in my Oscar search for this post, I found her look. And, I love it. I'm not normally an off the shoulder kind of gal, but the line and sparkle in this dress is perfect. Not to mention it seems to be made for her. I love it. I think this one is my favorite. Oh, and I love her simple, smooth, clean pulled back hair and makeup. Absolutely perfect.

Camila Alves. Matthew McConaughey's lady. Her dress was absolutely stunning. She looked amazing!

Here are my NOT favorites. Remember - this is from someone that has pretty much no style!

Natalie Portman. Considering she is with baby, I was SOOO excited to see what she would wear. Unfortunately, I was SOOO disappointed.

Mila Kunis. I promise I'm not against Black Swan. For some reason...I just didn't like this dress. But, I completely realize I'm alone in this thought.

Nicole Kidman. I know she loved this dress because of the structure of it...but, I just don't. The detailing is a bit much. I might not like it, but she did seem to pull it off. p.s. I didn't like her pony much either. Her bangs seemed to flare out like mine do when I straighten them at a weird angle. Sorry!

Jennifer Lawrence. It's not that she didn't look super hot in this dress - she did. But, it was too boring. Her hair was too blah...and this look was more fit for a dinner party - NOT the Oscars.

Cate Blanchett. I love her. I really do. But...I SOOO did not like her dress. I liked the yellow beading surprise. But...the detailing on the front made her look boxy and flat-chested and it really ended up looking like she was wearing an oval picture frame on her chest.

Scarlett Johansson. Although the world thinks her hair looked so bad - I actually loved the edgy style of it. But...the dress...I did NOT like it. Not at all.

Helena Bonham Carter. So awful. But...I think that is her. That's her goal. So...she pulled it off.

Penelope Cruz. So, she just had a baby. And, boy oh boy - she looks great. But, her dress was more suited for a cheesy cruise photo. And those boobs...OMG!

Gayle King. OMG. This could be the worst dress ever. It looks like she made it herself. And, it doesn't even fit. My vote for the absolute worst dress. Sorry, Gayle!

Since I wasn't invited to the Oscars - I did not get to take these pictures with my camera. So, in case anyone is wondering these photos are from either: Huffington Post, Entertainment Wise, or People.


Heidi said...

I loved Anne's dress in the opening monologue!!! The white one- But totally agree with you on the rest.

Julie said...

Um.... it looks like you need to start another new blog.... a style blog! :) And PS-- I thought the same thing about the picture frame on the front of that dress.. I said the exact same thing to stefan, that it might have worked if it didn't have the oval in front where you would expect to see a picture of someone.