Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date Night...Kind Of

Friday night the kids wanted pizza. We obliged. They both have crazy memories and wanted to go to the pizza place with mints. So, Vito's it was.


We love Vito's. We ate salads and a half pepperoni, half sausage pizza. Brady and Lily wanted mac and cheese (as always) and Charlie...well, she was introduced to saltine crackers. And ohhhhhh man...she LOVED them. She gobbled them up as quick as possible. We ate and then Lily fell asleep (again at 7pm) right at the table.

After dinner, we drove around a bit. Then...we decided to grab some ice cream as a treat. On the way, Brady and Charlie fell asleep, too. was the Hottie and I and our 3 sleeping Cuties driving around in search of ice cream. We settled on a place near our house called Udder Delights. It was a first for us. We parked. The Hottie ran in and ordered his and then I ran in, ordered mine, and paid for the two of us. We both had the very best coconut ice cream EVER! We ate our treat in the car chatting about date nights and how they have changed since the arrival of the Cuties. We laughed at how we felt bad that we were eating ice cream while our kids slept. We ate our treats and then headed home where we carried each cutie in, put them in jammies, and placed them in bed. Then, we both accidentally fell asleep watching TV on the couch until we woke up at 3am because of our neighbors LOUD pool pump.

Date nights. Yes, they've changed. But...we do get some normal-type date nights, too (thanks Mom and Dad!!).'s worth it. Yes, DEFINITELY worth it.

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