Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ladies Luncheon and Secret Santa

It's officially Christmas.
I've already been to the annual Ladies Luncheon...and we've been Secret Santa'd...TWICE!
Don't be jealous.

Ladies Luncheon took place at Aunt Cindy's, this year. It was fabulous. Yummy food - fantastic company, lots of laughs, even a present...AND a movie! Half of us saw Burlesque (they raved and danced and sang their way out of the theater. They loved it.) And the other half of us saw Love and Other Drugs. Super great. Last, we followed up the day by delivering toys to the Coach House for Toys for Tots.

As for Secret Santa. We're spoiled. We were delivered a large container of cookies. I'm not sure how many...but oh boy, there were tons. Yummy! To be honest - I think the Cuties used them for breakfast for the last few days. Bad mommy!! And then tonight, we were surprised again with a special delivery. We got a cocoa and smore set with mugs, 2 Christmas cups for Brady and Lily and a sippy cup for Charlotte. Secret Santa is so exciting. It's like Christmas every week. Boy are we spoiled!

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