Friday, December 10, 2010


My mom is a hero - did you know that?
Yes, seriously a...saved someone's life, hero.
She would never say it.
She's way too humble.
So...I have to tell the story for her.
(And, she'll probably kill me for doing this)

So, here's the story about how my mom became a hero.

About a month ago, they were dining at Red Lobster. My dad, mom, Cori, Aidyn, and Billy were just sitting down with their appetizers ordered at Red Lobster in Mesa. My dad notices someone near them is talking to his wife and comforting her in a way that makes him think she is choking. My dad motions to my mom to help. So she heads over to their table.

My mom quickly sees she is not choking and asks them if she has a history of seizures. He says no. My mom can tell that they are losing her and says they need to get her on the floor. He and their friends help her get the woman to the floor. CPR was needed. My mom begins CPR. Another gal come over to assist with CPR. My mom continues this for 10-15 minutes while they wait for the paramedics to arrive. Once they arrive, she continues CPR while they set up. The paramedics then take over and the woman gets transported to the ER.

My mom shares her information with the management at Red Lobster. After family decides to forego dinner at Red Lobster and head out to another restaurant.

Beer. Is. Needed...can you blame them?

Following this experience, my mom hears nothing. For a couple weeks, she wasn't sure if the woman made it or not. Apparently she is 67 and had a hysterectomy about a week before the traumatic event. We all asked my mom if she had heard anything about the woman. Did she make it? My mom had no idea.

Then, the week of Thanksgiving, my mom received a phone call. The man on the line asks her if she is the same Donna that was at Red Lobster on such and such date. She says yes. He says that he was calling to say Thank You. And, that if it wasn't for her that he would not be sitting across from his wife right then and was so very thankful that she had given her another chance. They invited my parents over. So, they met up a few days later. The couple explained that the woman did have a heart attack. In fact, she ended up in surgery. And, the doctors at the ER explained that the CPR my mom performed had saved her life.

Yes. My mom saved her life. The doctor may have performed surgery. But...that surgery would never have even been performed had my mom not taken the time to perform CPR.

Wow. Can you believe it? Lives forever changed. Bonds made. Second chances. What do you say to someone that saved your life? Your wife's life?

Yes...My mom...she's a hero.


Ashley said...

Great I'm crying again! I am so lucky to be able to call her my MOM and Hero! She is AMAZING!

Krystal said...

A-Mazing! I'm sure her being a nurse helped in the situation as well! Still amazing non the less! Your Mom Rocks!!! A woman lives today because of her!

william said...

Yes even though she is my wife, I have always found her amazing. She is the life blood of our family.
Seeing her saving this womens life completely amazed me. She quickly took the situation and did what came to her naturally, caring first about other people. She is an extremely amazing wife, mother, friend. Anyone who has come to know her would agree. I feel very lucky to having been married to her for the last 34 years.
Love forever and a day,

Heidi said...

Okay. Not only did the post make me cry AGAIN but then seeing what your Dad wrote! AHHH! Love you Donna!

Larry Majercin said...

Thanks for sharing the story.