Sunday, September 19, 2010


Charlotte's room is finally coming along. When we moved in, we quickly painted it, got the crib up, arranged our new bedding set that we love, and washed and hung the clothes. We even put a shelf up on the wall and a couple of picture frames out on the dresser. But...that was in May. And, really since then...not much.

I know, it's not like she cares, or even knows for that matter. But, I know - and that's all that matters sometimes.

Other than the bedding color of pink and brown, we really don't have a theme. I've struggled finding decorations that I like...but, I really have been a bit lazy, too. Well...I think that all ended this weekend!

Friday afternoon, I took the girls on a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's. We bought up some supplies and Friday night (yep, I'm such a party animal) I went to work crafting away. Saturday night, I found myself at the Scrapbook Barn picking up some miscellaneous paper. And, then again on Sunday...I made a quick trip to JoAnn's.

Here's the latest decorations for Charlotte's room. Yep, crafted and hung this weekend. Yippee!

The piggy bank was a gift - I did not make it

The Charlie sign...I made a while back

Check out this cute little birdie box...I think it's my favorite

I saw something like this similar on, I picked out my paper, and paint, and the canvas wrap...and went to town on my own...

Another Etsy idea...I added my own spin

On a side note...I haven't been to the Scrapbook Barn in probably 5 years. OMG...scrapbooking has certainly come a long way in that time. I found myself browsing and browsing and browsing for literally 1.5 hours. I wanted to buy everything in the store...but, luckily I bought only what I went there for and just spent a few dollars.
I just love homemade stuff...


J said...

You are so crafty...something I'm not! I love the bird box and the owls! Really cute!

Ashley said...

OMG!!! Once again why aren't you sellng these things?!!! I love alllll of it!

Julie said...

SO cute!!! I saw the diaper wipe box you made Erin, you need to be selling those!!!

Erin & Drew said...

I agree with Julie...I love my wipey case!! And I love, love, love the owls! I am totally into cute owls right now and those are great!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Thanks everyone!! I feel crafty...but, I have a long way to go!! :) Erin - I am so glad you like the wipey case!! Miss you!