Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Day Lily Got Banned From the Microwave...

Tonight Lily wanted cinnamon pizza. We had eaten pizza for lunch and she now wanted to heat up some leftover cinnamon pizza. Before I heated up her snack, I wanted us quickly to straighten up the living room. So, Lil and I headed into the living room and left Charlotte drinking her bottle in the family room/kitchen.

A few minutes later, my cell phone beeped telling me I had a text. I asked Lil to go run into the kitchen to grab it. After a little prodding, she went. I noticed a weird smell...but, really nothing registered into my brain. Lil then told me that it smelled funny in the kitchen. Still...nothing triggered. She then again told me that something was smelling funny in my kitchen, so I turned to look and noticed it was a little smoky. I run into the kitchen and there is smoke coming out of the microwave. I quickly stop the microwave. This is when I realized that she had turned on the microwave by herself to heat up her cinnamon pizza.

I'm not sure how long she put it on for...or even how long it was in there, but it was burned to a crisp. It was sitting on a cheap-o Ikea plastic plate and it even started to melt the plate and burn thru it. Talk about stinky.

I opened all the windows and doors and turned on the fans. I moved Charlotte out of the room since it was still so smoky. Funny thing is...the smoke detectors never went off. Maybe that is not funny...weird. Especially since we have replaced all the batteries since we moved in not even 5 months ago.

Luckily...there is no damage. The microwave still works. still smells in here. I've cleaned everything to try to get rid of the smell...the cabinets, counters, microwave...I've even sprayed some fabric spray on the couches and furniture.

I'm feeling like we were very lucky tonight. We might smell stinky, but...we're certainly lucky.
Thank you God!

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April said...

I would have never guessed that was a piece of "cinn pizza"!!! WOW, I'm glad nothing bad happened and yes why didnt the smoke detector go off?? :)