Friday, August 27, 2010

Three Months

I haven't been taking too many pictures lately. I'm thinking it's the 3rd child curse. You know - the first child has a gazillion pictures, the second one has half and the third has very little??

But...I did get one on her three month birthday.

3 months...our little Charlotte has been sick. Ear infections, congested, breathing issues. Y-U-C-K!! No worries...lots of breathing treatments, humidifier, antibiotics, doctor visits (including xrays and blood work), and "up-right" sleeping worked. She is feeling 100% and just as cute as ever! Charlotte is super smiley and happy. She loves her brother and sister. She can give the "stink eye" just as good as her sister. She is a little piggy and loves to eat.

We love you Lottie Lots!!

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