Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Teachers

I don't know who is more excited for school...Brades...or ME!! I absolutely loved school. Don't get me wrong, I loved the summer as a kid, too...but, school was my fave. Especially...the first day of school. I totally remember counting down the days until the first day. I remember walking, or riding my bike, or making my mom drive by the school every single day until they posted the coveted classroom lists. Finding out who my teacher would be for the year was the ABSOLUTE highlight of the summer. Forget vacations...it was all about those damn class lists.

Last week, I took Brady up to the school to do just that. The school posted the class lists at 4pm on Friday. We just happened to be heading home from Ashley's at that time (it was seriously a coincidence...I promise!) so we stopped by the school. When we pulled up, there was a group of parents and kids surrounding the windows looking at the lists. Brady and I jumped out of the car and walked on up. PERFECT TIMING - the first grade lists were literally going up at that very second. We found Brady's name....Mrs. Nguyen is his teacher.

Hmm...try telling your first grader (who is a beginning reader) to sound out his teachers name when his teacher is Mrs. Nguyen. SOOO Funny.

Since Brady is at a new school this year...we didn't know one person in his class...but, we knew his teacher's name. So, I did what every other crazy, stalkerish, psycho mother does...I looked her up on the school website, since the list only showed Mrs. Nguyen and NOT her first name. My plan was to then Google her name, search for her on Facebook...and find out just who his teacher is. You know...find out all the good stuff!

Well...guess WHAT??!!

Mrs. Nguyen was NOWHERE to be found on the faculty list. Yep...this stalker mom was stuck. We know NO ONE at the school to ask. It was Friday after office hours. And, besides that...calling to ask the school for the teacher's first name seemed a little crazy. Even.For.ME.

Well...we made it through the weekend. We made it to Tuesday. We made it to the Meet the Teacher Night. And...we finally met Mrs. Nguyen. Our first impression??? A-W-E-S-O-M-E!! She is very organized. The room was very clean. This is her fourth year at the school, but she was married this summer so she has a new last name. THAT is why she was not on the faculty list. Thank goodness. I had this fear that they threw all the "new" kids into the class with the "new" teacher. But...that is NOT the case at all!

We left Meet the Teacher Night and brought Brades to dinner...just the 3 of us. Funny how dinner with just one child is SO much different than with the whole crew. Brady acts SO old and behaves SO well. We then picked up the girls from the 'rents and let Brady tell Nanny and Poppy all about his new teacher and his new class. Oh...and the fact that tomorrow is P.E. and he is SOOO excited!

We are now home. Brady's first day outfit has been laid out. The parent forms that his teacher sent home are filled out and ready to go. His backpack is ready. I sat down to write a letter to the teacher (that she asked all parents to complete) about Brady...to help her to get to know him a bit. Things like...his hobbies, his strengths, weaknesses, family life, etc. I saw my computer...and my psycho instincts kicked in. I knew her first name now. And...her maiden name. So, I Googled her. I should totally be a private investigator. Thank goodness for the internet...what did we ever do without it??

You know what...I changed my mind. Maybe it's better to just have faith that everything will be okay than to turn into the psycho mom that just snoops around the internet. I don't know though...it is pretty entertaining. Technology = so much fun!

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So..... what's her first name?!