Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Date Night, Drinks, Dancing...and Goodbyes

Last Friday was date night. This is one of the few date nights we've had since Charlotte was born. This date night included my besties...boy oh boy was it fun.

I think the boys get annoyed with date night. Why???? Well...you get us besties together and we just talk and talk and talk. And talk. Nonstop. It is awesome.
We started out at the White Chocolate Grill. First things first...order drinks. Boys = water and all of us girls = some kind of yummy martini. Whew...were they strong. Or...maybe it's just been awhile. One drink and I'm already tipsy. That only makes me more fun (and loud). All of us girls sat at one end of the table. Why?? Well...of course, for girl talk. 2 drinks down and the boys are laughing at us...well, at me anyway.
After dinner - on to Devil's Martini for a surprise goodbye party for our friend Franco. He is leaving this week to follow his dream in L.A. - Yay Franco!! Read his blog...he has such good thoughts. More drinks (thanks Janea!!). Lots and lots and LOTS of dancing. Tons of photos. Chatting with old friends. What a night.

Seriously...I have not had that much fun in the longest time. It's funny when you get your besties together...it doesn't matter how long it has been. It is just like old times. Like we are all 16, in high school...chatting and laughing and telling secrets. It's the most fun EVER!!

What a night!! We had so much fun! I love my besties!!

P.s....Good Luck Franco!!

The Hottie and Me...heading out

The girls

All the Hotties...making faces

Gina, Nancy and Me

The end of the night

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