Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of First

I guess the psycho, crazy mom continues. This is how it all went down....

Brady's first day of first started out great. We woke him up at 7am. He showered, dressed, ate breakfast and got "cool hair." In our house, cool hair stands for a bit of spikes using hair glue. I made his lunch, grabbed a banana for his morning snack, and readied his backpack for the day.

Picture time!! of the big first grader are a necessity. He was rockin' his Chandler Bing he needed a bit of help. We were running a little late (we still had to drop the girls off at the sitter's) so...I was forced to get him to switch his smile quickly. How'd I do it? Well...instead of the standard "say cheese!!!," I am forced to try funny phrases or words. "Monkey" sometimes works...but, lately it's been overused. Brades and Lil think the funniest word is butt crack (talk to the Hottie about teaching them that one) so...what do you think I had him say?? Yep...I stooped that low. worked. judging. We got the cutest picture ever.

Next, we headed out to drop off the girls and then to take out big guy to school. Mrs. Nguyen (did I mention before she is super duper organized?? Love that!) gave us parents a packet of info about the class, school, and the first day rules. She prefers that we say our goodbyes at the door rather than walking him into the class (like we did in Kindergarten). We walked him up to the playground where we found the sign for his class. We made it just in time. Brady was the last kid in the line and they headed to the class right when we got there. We followed him the few feet to the door and said our goodbyes.

Right then it struck me and the crazy, psycho parent came out...This is a new school. He does not know one person in his class. Literally...he could look at every kid in the school and wouldn't know if they were in his class or not. He had only met his teacher once. He didn't even know his room number. He didn't even know how to get to his room...and he was about to enter the school in a different door than we entered in last night. He was the last kid in his class line. What if he turned around for a second and then didn't know which line was his class? There were gobs of kids everywhere. I imagined him standing in the hall waiting for someone to point him in the right direction. As he is entering the school...I'm quickly telling him his teacher's name and room number...just in case he forgot.

After he went in the building, the Hottie and I walked back to the car along with the other gazillion parents. Boy was it H-O-T, HOOOOOOOOOT! Gross!! As we got into the car, I wondered aloud if he made it to his class. The Hottie got worried, too. He suggested I go into the office and ask if I can make sure he made it to the class. I didn't want to be one of those psycho moms, but I didn't want Brady to be lost either. I called Ash to ask her opinion. surprise she told me to get into the school and make sure he made it (she is even waaaaaaay more neurotic than me). So...I did just that. I entered the office. I apologized to the admin gal for being a psycho parent, explained Brady was new and not familiar at all with the school or any other kids and I just wanted to make sure he made it to class. I think I imagined she would let me go back to the room and peak in the window to see if he was at his seat...but nooooooooo. She called down to his class and asked his teacher if he made it to class. Over the class loudspeaker. Oh.My.Goodness. Thank the Lord he is in first grade and not sixth grade...he would never have forgiven me.

No surprise. He made it to class.

Once the school day was over, we picked him up (after waiting in a ridiculous pickup line) and chatted with him about his day. These were his highlights: P.E. (of course), coloring 3 times, calendar time, recess 2 times, and lunch time because they are allowed to go to the playground right after lunch and DON'T have to wait for the teacher to take them (apparently that's a big deal - but don't worry, there is an aide out there). Oh...and the bathroom pass. That's the coolest. He can take the pass to the bathroom. All.By.Himself.

So far...first grade is a hit. He is getting so big...I just can't believe it.


Julie said...

You told that story exactly like you did in person :) Glad to hear he had such a good first day!! :)

Ashley said...

LOVE THE PICS!! You look beautiful! One thing I'm worried about... bathroom all alone?? You know that was one thing I was worried about!!

April said...

I just love the pictures and for the CRAZY drop off/pick-up line..well lets just say thank god I only have to deal with pick-up(thank you bus driver)!!! It has gotten better over the last few days so I hope it continues.

Heidi said...

Oh my gosh! I love it!!! Poor kid (over the loud speaker)--but Im sure he was thankful knowing that you love him enough to check in on him. : )