Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wow...We Have an 8 Year Old!!!

 Brady is 8.


I know every year I write how I can remember the day he was born and I can't believe how very fast the last 8 years have gone. And...this year is absolutely NO different.

Brady was born on a Tuesday. I went into the hospital to be induced on Monday the 26th at 7pm. They were PACKED at the hospital. I was told to call Monday morning to see if they had room. They didn't. We were told to call back at 10am. Still no room. 12pm. Still no room. 5pm. We were told they would have room at 7pm and to come on down at that time. We went out to dinner. With our bags in our old green Nissan Xterra, we went to Applebees. OMG were we sooooo nervous and even more SOOO excited. We went straight to the hospital. At the hospital they were surprised to see us because they had left a message on our house phone saying they were packed and to call in the morning. We didn't get that message since we were at dinner. Thankfully, they let us stay. I was admitted and set up in room 3. By 9pm the pitocin was dripping away. I was a 4. Family and friends visited to wish us luck. My family packed into the room. By 2am I was given the epidural. A quiet night brought some good rest. My doctor came at 9am to break my water. I started pushing at 12pm. He was face up. This was NOT good and super duper painful. I was not prepared for that. After one hour of pushing they wanted to use a vacuum and called the doctor to come on down for that procedure. I freaked out and started pushing like a maniac. By the time the doctor arrived (with an intern) Brady was just about out. 1:36pm he arrived. Holy cow. I couldn't believe it. My blood pressure dropped. Thank goodness my mom was there to take care of me while Bryan took care of Brady.

I was a mom.

Wow. 8 years have literally flown by. 

Our only son. Our oldest. Boy oh boy - Brades....we love you!

8 things I LOOOOVE about Brady:

1. He hates, hates, hates to be in trouble. He is the kid that when he ONE time got a yellow ticket in his classroom (red=BAD, yellow=warned, green=GREAT day) he literally cried and was so visibly upset and saddened that the teacher called to warn me what to expect and check on him later. He is; however, 8 years old. He, of course, talks back at times. But...he listens. When we talk to him about his behavior - he understands. He apologizes. And when we are really upset, the disappointment in himself is almost too much for me to take. It reminds me of myself. Well...and since the Hottie literally NEVER did anything bad (not kidding) I'm guessing that is a definite trait of him, too.

2. He works hard at everything he does. He always gives it his all. With his schoolwork - he is not happy unless he gets a good grade. With baseball - he practices ALL.THE.TIME. Even with football - he listens to his coach and tries to follow EXACTLY what was said. I love it. He jumps into things feet first and gives 110%. 

3. He dances. I mean...he really dances. He LOVES to copy moves he sees on TV. And...the thing is, he's pretty good. I mean dorky good, but pretty good. We keep trying to talk him into taking dance class at Lily's studio, but...he keeps refusing. We told him he can do both dance and baseball...but, still a No. He saves his dancing for just us. Well, not really - he'll dance for anyone. He just doesn't want to do it in a formal dance class. The Boyz Crew (that's what they are called) at Lil's studio are so awesome., we can't get him to join.

4. He sings. Umm...not good - I mean he is my child :) But, that doesn't let it stop him. He TOTALLY will sing the entire lyrics to a song super loud. Even though they're only about half right - it is awesome. I'm Sexy and I Know It is pretty much his favorite song right now and good gracious...when that comes on - watch out. He will dance and sing. It is literally a hoot. We just look at each other and laugh. He will always sing it as loud as he can....kind of wanting us to know that he knows the words. What a dork - I love it!

5. He still gives me hugs and kisses everyday before school and every night before bed. He's not embarrassed yet in front of his friends. I'm dreading that day. And...EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT he wants the hottie to tuck him in bed. I love listening to the boys have their 5 minutes together after putting up with us girls all day long.

6. He is still the kid that the teachers love. They count on him to help take the sick kids to the nurse. Or show the new kids around. Or help the teacher when he needs help. It makes me smile every time a report card comes home or the teacher sends a note, or during parent conferences when the teachers tell us what a pleasure he is to have in class and how he always listens and how he is so polite. Yes, we know he is a good kid. It just makes me feel good to hear it from other people.

8. Call me biased but I think he just might be the cutest 8 year old boy around. He's got this crooked "jack o' lantern" smile from all of his permanent teeth - and I couldn't love it any more than I do. He smiles so big and laughs so hard. He is just so stinkin' adorable - I can't handle it. I love that kid.

8 years old. Happy (belated) birthday Brady. 

I love you tons!


MLH said...

Love this! But you missed #7!

Karen said...

Wow 8 years old. Brady is everything you said and more, what a wonderful testament to good parenting. I told him at your Grandmothers 80th birthday that he looked so handsome. He said I know. He is such a sweetheart.