Friday, February 17, 2012

Michelle Wilsey Berry

About six months after graduating from high school a few girlfriends and I decided to move into our own apartment. We needed co-signers (yep) but, we did it. 4 girls in one 2-bedroom apartment. We lived in the Quadrangles apartments on University - right next to ASU. Definite college living at it', finest. If that's what you want to call it. 

The four of us girls - Me, Nancy, Gina, and Michelle - had a BLAST. We were pretty much dorky college students/workers. We were your typical 18-year old girls. We had lots and lots of laughs, stayed out late, worked, went to school, partied (a little), went to clubs (some of us), watched movies, stayed up really, really late talking and laughing. We had so much fun. I remember late-night trips to Fort McDowell. We couldn't believe we were old enough and had no curfew. We made big messes and struggled to clean them up. We pined after boys and even did a little bit of stalking. Lots of dinners at Red Robin. We just had fun. Pure, simple, no responsibilities fun. 

Good, good, GOOD times.

January 15, 2012 - Michelle lost her battle with cancer. She had been fighting this horrific disease for the last few years. She left behind a husband and three puppies that were literally her children. Over the years I kept up with Michelle periodically, but not as much as I should have. It's hard for me to not feel guilty that I did not see her as much as I would have liked. Of course Facebook was a helpful tool in staying in touch. The day before her passing I had the chance to go with the Nancy and Gina to say goodbye. The four of us once again in the same room. Michelle slept for our entire visit - but, we all sat with her and prayed for her peace. I will say that her husband, Jake, is the most amazing man. The way he sat with her, talked to her, and cared for her - that is something I will never forget. What a truly genuine and loving person. So fitting for Michelle. 

Please pray for Michelle, Jake, and both the Wilsey and the Berry families. Michelle comes from a family just like my own - three girls and one boy. Sadly, the Wilsey family lost Michelle's brother just last year. So much heartache in such a short time.

I love you, Michelle. You are so greatly missed. I will remember you as the most inspiring and fun person who never gave up the fight - even up until the end.  

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