Saturday, December 24, 2011

Majercin Christmas 2011

Last weekend we kicked off the 2011 Holiday parties with our annual Majercin Christmas! It was probably the best year yet. I love how it's relatively small (35-ish people), super casual, and well...just plain fun!

The kids (there seems to be a lot of them now) hang out outside running around like crazy...and the adults - we alternate between the patio and the living room. Basically, we mingle, eat, mingle, and then it's present time. Oh - and you can't forget the multiple references to Christmas Vacation (because we're ARE the Griswold's), or my dad's jokes to the kids about Santa cancelling Christmas. As cheesy as that all sounds - I seriously look forward to this EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.

My grandma gives all of the kids her gifts and then off they go to play. We then give my grandma her gifts and everyone passes out some family gifts. It's so much fun! Then - it's time for the grand finale...Our White Elephant gift exchange.

OMG - so fun!

All adults bring a gift around $25-ish dollars. We pick numbers...and then you know how it goes. Normally it's a pretty big battle for gifts - but, this year was rather calm. Either we're all getting really good at buying gifts that will be liked by everyone...or we were just really nice to each other this year.

Last, we mingle some more and then head out.

This Majercin Christmas party has been going on for my entire life. Literally - my entire life. It used to be held at my grandparents house on Christmas Eve and within the last few years it has been taken over by my Uncle Barry's family and even more recently moved to the week before Christmas. Since the family is getting so big and everyone has grown and started families on their own - we've found the week before Christmas is a much easier time to get everyone together. They do such a great job hosting - and this year, even included a Christmas Carol game at which my cousin Jessica's boyfriend, Justin, seriously kicked tushy!!

This year we made out pretty well in the White Elephant. Bryan got hooked up with some Titleist golf balls and tees and I got one of those large 1.5 gallon drink dispenser things. I have SERIOUSLY been wanting one of them and have almost bought one like a zillion times. So - I am soooooooooo thankful I ended up with that!! Bryan really won a huge clock (which I loved) but, it was pretty girly and Cori volunteered to switch with him. Golf balls for the clock.

Unfortunately, I took like next to zero pictures. is one that Kristen took of us.

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Glen said...

I love the family picture. What a great time of year for family fun.