Monday, December 12, 2011


Sooo...I know I've been completely MIA. 


I was studying for the LSATs. Yes - the LSATs. 

You might ask why a 32 year old, married, full-time employed, mother of three children would want to take her LSATs. Crazy, right?

I agree. Kind of.

But - I guess a part of me has always wanted to go to law I thought no better time than now. I was that kind of child that was a great debater. Very argumentative. I'm pretty sure I'm still that person. I know I'm still that person. Privately, personally, and Professionally. It's just who I am.

Here's the thing about the LSAT. It was H-A-R-D! I studied on and off for a few months, typically in the evenings once the kids were asleep. I was going to take a prep course, but the enrollment fees of $500 - $1500 scared me off. So - I was forced to study all by my lonesome. I studied books, online, and took tons of actual old tests that I ordered online. And, the week before the test - I took vacation time to study non-stop. 

So, yes - I studied....A LOT. And, I really should have studied more, MUCH more. Although I studied...there really isn't anything to "memorize." It's not your standard test. It measures: the reading and comprehension of complex texts with accuracy and insight, the organization and management of information and the ability to draw reasonable inferences from it, the ability to think critically, and the analysis and evaluation of the reasoning and arguments of others. It's a thinking test. And it's timed. It is written for you to fail. It is written to confuse you. It is written to ensure you do not have enough time to truly get through all of the questions.

On paper, the things that are measured by the test are things at which I excel. But, the fact is - I have always been a terrible test taker. My SATs = gross. 

But, the LSAT is over. I can now enjoy reading a book (for fun - not for studying). I do not get my results until January 6. I'm not sure how I will fair. I'm not sure if I'll score high enough for an acceptance letter. I'm not sure if we can even make it work if I do even get accepted. 

I guess...only time will tell.

Jake's expression looks exactly like how I felt when the LSAT was over.

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Kaplan LSAT Teacher said...

That's great that you took the LSAT! It is a tough test and most test takers spend lots and lots of time studying, so you're not alone in your experience. Good luck with your applications! :)