Friday, September 2, 2011


2011 is turning out to be a TERRIBLE blogging year for me. I don't know why. Every single day I think about blogging. I rack my brain for a topic. I go to my list of topics on my phone that I have compiled of things I want to say. And then...I don't blog.

Oh well. 

August was a busy month. Time really does fly with each year that I age. Summer absolutely FLEW by. I can't even believe I have a 2nd grader and a Pre-K kid...and of course a one year old.

Let's see what we've been up to this last month:

1. School started on August 10. With school comes lots and lots of shopping. Clothes. Supplies. You name it. When it comes to the cuties - I don't care what it costs. It is soooo much easier to spend money on them than it is on myself. I'll blame it on mother's guilt. It's funny because the hottie doesn't seem to feel this same way. I'm not saying that he goes out and spends tons on himself - because he SOOO does NOT, but...he doesn't get buyer's remorse like I do when I do spend money on me. 

2. Curriculum nights - We met with each of the kids' teachers and went over what we should expect for this year. It's hard to say what we think considering it's only been a few weeks - but, at least both of the teachers seem very organized. I do love that Brady's teacher is an older 2nd grade teacher. He's probably been teacher for over 30 years. There is just something about those older, strict, totally old school teacher that I like. I bank on them helping me keep my kids in line :) Lily AKA Lillian's teacher is super young and cute. Let's hope its not all fun and games and that she actually learns something. Yes - I know it's only Pre-K and I do want her to have fun...but, let's learn something, too!

3. Swim parties - Brady attended his first birthday party of the year. It was a swim party and boy oh boy - is that good because it's got to be like a gazillion degrees right now. Unfortunately, while at the party he fell onto a piece of PVC pipe sticking out of the cool decking and sliced his foot. He has been limping/stumbling/hopping around for the last two weeks trying to get it to heal.

4. Aubrey's birthday - Last weekend, the cuties and I picked up Ashley, Rylee, and Jake and road tripped it to Goodyear for their cousin Aubrey's first birthday. My cousin Kristen (Aubrey's mom) did such a FABULOUS job with the Sweet Shoppe themed party. The highlight of the party was our dad's challenging all of the kids to pixy stick shot contests. I'm guessing each of our dad's ate about 30 pixy sticks. It was like Man vs. Food...but really Uncles vs. Kids. Too funny!

5. Bryan's Vegas Trip - Bryan has this group of friends from high school/grade school. You know those friends...the ones that you may not see that often, but when you's like you can just pick up where you left off. The best kind of friends. Best, lifelong friends. Well, anyway - one of those BFF's is getting married next year and he wanted to do a Vegas trip a few months ahead while people can still afford it. So, they headed out for a boys weekend in Vegas at the MGM. I've heard they had an awesome time. And considering I know that some one of them (and NOT Bryan) passed out by 8pm...I am sure they had a blast!

6. Photoshop Class - This last month, I attended a photoshop class held by my wedding photographer (and friend) Marnee Marriott. She is so stinkin' awesome - I just love her photos. I learned bits of photoshop and really learned that I need a full on class about photoshop. Maybe one day.

7. Photography with old friends - I already wrote that I had the privilege of taking pictures of one of my oldest friend's newest little one. What a blast that was. Then - after the photo shoot, we headed back out there for a meet and greet with their family. It is so fun to catch up with friends that you have not seen in so very long!

8. Visit from the in-laws - My father in law and Marie were in town for a short, short visit. They actually were coming to AZ to hike the canyon. heard that right, hike the canyon. In August. Yes, they've been to AZ in the summer before. Yes, they know it's hot. got to hike when you can get a, needless to say, August it was. They had one day before they had to meet their friends at the Canyon, so luckily we got to spend it with them. We always love visits with them and the cuties had a ton of fun, even if it was for just the day. In case you're wondering...the trip to the Canyon was a success. It was super (understatement) difficult. And, they are just waiting for the day when they can look back on it and laugh. Luckily they had a few days to relax in Sedona before they had to make the trek home.

9. Couponing - I'm totally on the couponing bandwagon. 

That about wraps up August. I can hardly believe that it is already September. Before you know it, I'll be Black Friday shopping! Yay!! We've got a lot going on with Brady starting up baseball this week, some work travel I'll be doing, baby Carsyn's pending birth (yay

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