Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Team Mom...Again

So, since I have nothing else to do (um...kidding) - I've taken on the job of Team Mom again for Brady's little league team. 



I had full intention of NOT being team mom again. I did it last year and I thought I had put in my time for at least the next...well, really forever. But, then Brady's coach sent email after email about how he needed a  team mom. I tried and tried to ignore them. And, finally - when I felt like he was basically yelling straight at me that I needed to volunteer (which he SOOO was not, it's just me taking general emails as if they are written straight to me vs. to the whole group) I stepped up and said I'd do it.


Oh well, the tough part is almost over. I've gone to the league meeting (3 hours seriously), sent out the loads of emails (ugh - it's like a parent sales job), recruited parents to volunteer for opening day festivities, printed and copied the Hit-A-Thon fundraiser sheets, collected money for the silent auction and embroidered hats, dropped off and picked up the hats, picked up and passed out uniforms, sent reminders about the President's award essay, put together a snack schedule, field prep schedule, and scorekeeping schedule, sent reminders about Dbacks night, provided Dick's coupons to the team for equipment....and, missed out picture day entirely. To be fair it's not totally my fault. I received an email about the picture day just one day before - but, unfortunately didn't even see the email until after our scheduled time. I mean who sends an email to tell a team of their scheduled time for pictures just one day before with the expectation that they could 1) actually open the email ahead of time and 2) coordinate 12 boys and their families for a 3:30pm, Saturday picture day!!?? Ugh!! 

So - I guess as team mom...I fail. 

WWTM! Yes, add World's Worst Team Mom to the list of WW things I am :)

But, here's our silent auction basket. And, by golly - I think it looks awesome! At least I excel at putting together baskets. 


Glen Campbell said...

I know Dawn ..its alot of work..But the kids love it ..good job

Marthavmuffin said...

I absolutely HATED being team mom, or actually in our case, Mike was recruited to be coach and then the head coach dropped out so guess what? We were like Couple coaches. UGH

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