Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Team Mom...Again

So, since I have nothing else to do (um...kidding) - I've taken on the job of Team Mom again for Brady's little league team. 



I had full intention of NOT being team mom again. I did it last year and I thought I had put in my time for at least the next...well, really forever. But, then Brady's coach sent email after email about how he needed a  team mom. I tried and tried to ignore them. And, finally - when I felt like he was basically yelling straight at me that I needed to volunteer (which he SOOO was not, it's just me taking general emails as if they are written straight to me vs. to the whole group) I stepped up and said I'd do it.


Oh well, the tough part is almost over. I've gone to the league meeting (3 hours seriously), sent out the loads of emails (ugh - it's like a parent sales job), recruited parents to volunteer for opening day festivities, printed and copied the Hit-A-Thon fundraiser sheets, collected money for the silent auction and embroidered hats, dropped off and picked up the hats, picked up and passed out uniforms, sent reminders about the President's award essay, put together a snack schedule, field prep schedule, and scorekeeping schedule, sent reminders about Dbacks night, provided Dick's coupons to the team for equipment....and, missed out picture day entirely. To be fair it's not totally my fault. I received an email about the picture day just one day before - but, unfortunately didn't even see the email until after our scheduled time. I mean who sends an email to tell a team of their scheduled time for pictures just one day before with the expectation that they could 1) actually open the email ahead of time and 2) coordinate 12 boys and their families for a 3:30pm, Saturday picture day!!?? Ugh!! 

So - I guess as team mom...I fail. 

WWTM! Yes, add World's Worst Team Mom to the list of WW things I am :)

But, here's our silent auction basket. And, by golly - I think it looks awesome! At least I excel at putting together baskets. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Brady's First Baseball Essay

Brady's little league team gives away awards to kids in each division for writing a 100 word essay about what they want to get out of little league. They can win bats and jerseys and even their registration fee. This is what Brady wrote. It had to be handwritten. Yes - we helped him with spelling here and there...but, this is what he wrote. How cute is he!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Major Update

Okay. I know other than a couple of birthday posts (and belated at that) I've been MIA. So...what have we been up to? Let's see...

1. Rylee's cheer performance. Yes, this was a really long time ago. But - it was so adorable, I wanted to mention it. I took the kids to north Phoenix for the performance. It was sooooo darn cute. There were kids from schools all over the valley and everyone had a few minutes to do their performance. One super cute thing was that all the girls from all schools had the same uniforms and to dress it up and make their team stand out, they all had different bows or socks or shoes or even gloves and tutus over their cheer skirts. The girls were so darling. Imagine hundreds (literally) of 4-8 year olds in little cheer outfits yelling cheers and dancing. Of course, I was in heaven. The cheerleader in me just couldn't contain myself. There were older girls there, too - but, Rylee's division was for the younger girls. And - everyone got a medal, so everyone "won." Love that!

2. Babcock Family pictures - Okay...I put these on my other blog, but goodness gracious. Are these not the most perfect family photos ever!!?? I mean, I'm not even a professional - and I think these pictures look pretty darn good. It just might be that they're the cutest family ever. 

3. Brady's School Musical - Yankee Doodle Dandy. OMG - best. school performance. EVER. We'd been hearing snip-its of the songs for weeks leading up to the musical - but, holy cow...Brady was SOOOOO into this musical. He was singing and dancing like he was the only one out there. I swear he should be an entertainer...but, he wants to be a baseball player :)

4. Recipe Book Photo Shoot. For Christmas I gave out these recipe books. I compiled about 90 of our favorite recipes into a folder. I had family recipes, recipes from friends, Pinterest recipes, recipes I found online, and even ones that I had and adjusted to fit our family's tastes. The recipes are literally our favorites. I had to stop because I ran out of time - but, there are so many more I could have added. For the cover of the recipe book - I decided to put a picture of the Cuties "cooking." So - I got out a ton of cooking tools and the big mixer. I put the Cuties each up on a bar stool with an apron tied on each. I poured flour all over the island and even dusted their faces and aprons with some flour. This was probably the best day of the entire 2011 for the Cuties. They thought making this huge mess in flour and getting to play with kitchen tools was THE BEST thing ever!! Who would have thought. You should have seen their faces as I was setting everything up for the photo. They thought I'd gone crazy. I mean...I'm not the messiest of people and me purposely throwing flour all over the place and even rubbing it on their cheeks...they were laughing hysterically. 

5. Majercin pictures. In January, we had a Majercin Family photo shoot for my Grandmother's 80th birthday. We met up at the Scottsdale Civic Center and one of my cousin's oldest and dearest friends snapped some photos for us. We haven't had a family picture taken since...well, I had braces. So, it has definitely been a long time. And...our family has grown sooo much. It was pretty tough to fit us all in. We presented the photo to my Grandmother at her 80th party (more about that later). What a treat!

6. Flag Football. Brady is just finishing up on his first flag football season. I will say - I. LOVE. FOOTBALL. The games were very fun for the players and the parents. They are short (which I love) and Brady absolutely had a blast. He pretty much played QB and I will say...he's got a pretty good arm. And, I'm pretty sure I'm not just being a proud mom. He really is good. Not only that - but, throwing that football really seemed to help with his baseball throwing skills, too. Brady will definitely be playing flag football again. The videos below are Brady as QB and Brady as receiver. I sure do love watching football. 

7. Family Pictures. Here's the only family Christmas picture that we had from this year. Ehh...it's okay. Nothing fancy. Taken pretty spur of the moment by Kristen at our Majercin Family Xmas. It's all we got - but, it will do.

8. Cori's Pictures. I snapped a few pictures of Cori and Aidyn after our HUUUUUGE Majercin family photo. Don't they seriously look soooo beautiful!!?? They couldn't have come out better. I only wish I took more to have more options for her.

9. Beautiful sunset. Okay - this is nothing fun...but, the other day there was literally the most beautiful sunset ever. This picture doesn't even do it justice. So...I ran outside and snapped a few photos. This is just right outside our house in Gilbert. Everyone always says that AZ has some pretty nice sunsets - and holy cow, you can't disagree with this one. Even Lily noticed it and said how pretty the sky looked. 

10. Birthdays (3 already) and cupcakes. So...it's like 7 weeks into the year and 3 of the 5 of us have already had our birthdays. Lily - had her Girly Girlz party. Brady didn't have a party this year, but - he did get to take 3 of his cousins (Jake, James, and Baley), Uncle Brett, and Bryan to the Monster Jam at Chase Field. He and Bryan have gone the last couple years and they loved it - so this year...all the boys went for the fun. Bryan took everyone to dinner at Red Robin and then off they went to Chase Field. The boys loved it. Once it was over, everyone came back to our house for a sleepover. What fun! Brady loved his birthday...even without a "party." Last...I had a GREAT birthday. We went to Grimaldi's for pizza (yum!!) and then Bryan surprised me with my very own beach cruiser!! Yahoo!! What a great surprise. The kids made me go outside and ride it immediately and you should have seen the looks on their faces when they realized that I actually know how to ride a bike. They were completely shocked :)

11. Charlie getting to hold her baby. Charlie CANNOT get enough of Carsyn. She calls her "my baby" and absolutely L-O-V-E-S, LOOOOOOVES her. I mean - look at her holding Carsyn the other day. I can't wait for Carsyn to get a little bigger to play with Charlie. They will be sooooo cute!

12. Girls night while the boys are at Monster Jam. (Carsyn in stroller). So, during Brady's birthday Monster Jam - Ashley and the kids came over. And...well, we put Carsyn in the American Girl Stroller. Seriously - look at that cutie pants. She looks GINORMOUS in the doll stroller. She's growing so fast!

13. Monster Jam For Brady's birthday, Bryan took Brett and 3 cousins to the Monster Jam. Boy did they have fun. I wish we still had the cute video of Brady and James dancing to all the loud music. It was awesome. But...we lost it. Oops! 

14. Valentines - Fishies and Heartbreakers. I'm such a procrastinator. Bryan and I were up until like 1am making valentines for the kids to take to school. This is what we made for this year. Thank you Pinterest for the ideas!!! Brady and Lily each took the "Heartbreaker" valentines to school and the "Fishy" Valentines were for the sitter from Lily and Charlie. Too cute!! Bryan says Brady's last year valentines were the best...but, we wanted to change it up. 

15. Grandma's 80th Party. This deserves it's very own post - but, my goodness. 80. Surprise Party. Margaritas. Perfect. A full post to come later.

16. New bike. Did I mention I got a new bike? LOVE It!! :)

17. Michelle's Funeral. I posted about this before - but, I still cannot get believe that Michelle is no longer with us. Too young. I just do not understand why this happens. Cancer sucks. 

18. Working and working and working. I've been working a lot. I've been very busy. VERY busy. I've been working late at night when the kids go to bed. I seem to do my best work between 8:30pm and 12:00am. Probably like an entire day of work during that small amount of time. It's a good thing that I don't really like to get a lot of sleep. Because I'm not. Everyone at work is swamped. 

19. Bunco. A few months back, my cousin Robin invited me to a monthly Bunco night. It was a quiet start as we got to know each other...but, now it is our 5th month. This month we are foregoing Bunco and doing happy hour instead. I hope this will help us even get to know each other better!! Either way - it's a nice ladies night out. I do love me some Bunco. I actually love all games - I'm hugely competitive.